Birchbox’s Big Makeup Line is Tiny

While many of us love buying beauty products, we DON’T love shelling out boatloads of cash for a product we’ll either A) Never finish, or B) Are forced to wear every single day for 8 months until we have. This makes makeup not fun, and it makes us not inclined to try new products. Ya, stores have great return policies, but what if I like the product and just don’t want SO MUCH of it?

Stowaway Cosmetics is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry, which I wrote about several months ago. They’re a brand that exclusively produces small-scaled makeup products in sizes you can both finish and carry around with you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.30.44 PMPhoto courtesy of

Looks like Stowaway was definitely on-trend, as Birchbox is now jumping into this same beauty space. They announced that they will be creating and releasing their own line of shadows and lipsticks. This “brand” will be called Love of Color. They chose not to extend the name of “Birchbox” to this line of products, nor do they plan to use that moniker for the other lines they plan to roll out in 2016.

Not only is Birchbox dropping this bomb, but there’s some more exciting news! The Love of Color makeup line will feature smaller-sized products… exclusively.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.51.40 PMPhoto courtesy of

Their is to encourage beauty lovers to purchase products without fear and apprehension over spending money on an item they might not finish. ‘Cause we’ve all been there.

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Each shadow and lipstick will be a mere $10, and you can buy their ‘Ultimate Collection’ for $46 (see below).

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.52.45 PMPhoto courtesy of

I am in full support of this new model. I love makeup. I love to wear it, and I love to change it up. So, when I see a gorgeous tube of lipstick, I’m super hesitant to purchase it, because I know I won’t even make a dent in it unless I wear it every single day until my hands are so arthritic that I can’t even open the damn tube.

gif courtesy of
So having the option to purchase smaller products, which also have a much lesser likelihood of expiring before you finish them. ‘Cause lord knows we all use beauty products after they expire. Ya, we shouldn’t, but we’ll be damned if we spent $30 on a lipstick we have to throw out in 3 months and only used 1/8 of. #SorryNotSorry #SameLipGlossSinceTheEighthGrade

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