A PSA on Undertones

Open any beauty magazine or read any beauty blog and you’ll likely see an article on undertones. Warm, cool, neutral, warm-neutral, cool-neutral. It’s insane. There are a list of tips and tricks to figuring out your skin tone that range from looking at the color of your veins to wearing a white T-shirt in front of a mirror. I even wrote an article breaking down all the chatter out there about undertones (see why I’m called Broken Down Beauty?).

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Since writing that article, I’ve learned some things and felt I needed to share them with you on your personal beauty journey.

I’ve been trying to figure out my own undertones since I can remember. I’ve analyzed myself, had makeup artists analyze me, and even had Sephora’s Color IQ analyze me. None were consistent. Most said I was pretty close to neutral, but then I would find that warm-toned shadows looked better on my eyes and cool-toned colors looked better on my lips. Neutral should be able to get away with any color, right? It wasn’t making sense.

All of these experts (human or computer) also aren’t consistent regarding their recommendations for each type of undertone. Some say cool undertones should stick to cool tones, other says warm tones are actually the way to go. How are we to decipher a million people shelling out different opinions while all claiming to be right?!

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The definitive answer? TRY. Try everything. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can or cannot wear certain colors, because it doesn’t match your undertone. Sometimes a more yellow tone will warm up your complexion, and sometimes a cool color will make your skin look creamier. You never know until you try.

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Yes, this sucks, because you can’t easily put an item in your cart and go about your day. You need to put in a little effort. However, this no longer limits what parts of the color wheel you’re “allowed” to explore.

Try a billion foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks. Take note of what colors look great, okay, or not so hot. You’ll find that each person really is different. What makeup colors complement you depend on your skin color, eye color, hair color, and the overall look you’re going for. There are so many factors that come into play, a simple answer to the question of “which colors go with my undertone?” is essentially impossible.

So go out, people. Explore the world of beauty, and be your own expert. Know what works for you and feel confident that you did the legwork to get there. You know you better than anyone.

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4 thoughts on “A PSA on Undertones

  1. It’s so true – I can wear both warm and cool tones except for the extreme ends of either spectrum but it’s all through trial and error. It used to be that magazines would do “seasons” too, like I”m supposed to be a “winter” so jewel tones look better on me – but whatever, I mix it up. Sometimes I wear a warm eye shadow look and cool blush, omg. 😮

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