Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

Thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means? Holiday shopping is officially in full swing.

Since Halloween, though, retailers have been unveiling some spectacularly splendid gift sets. While holidays are a time to give and get presents you often wouldn’t purchase on a typical day… there are some gifts that are so lux, even the holidays can’t really excuse dropping that much dough.

But, hey. A girl can dream. Can’t she?

Here are some of the most jaw-dropping holiday sets that were recently unveiled (and often already sold out!).

Tom Ford

Lips and Boys Lipstick Coffret

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.37.02 PMPhoto courtesy of

Retailer: Saks (SOLD OUT)


50 mini lipsticks (basically, not full-size). 25 are shades currently offered at retail as part of the Lips and Boys collection, and 25 are exclusive colors. All I can say is… I want it. I want it bad. #BitchIGotRentToPayTho

Kat Von D

Studded Obsession Studded Kiss Collectors Edition Set

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.19.54 PMPhoto courtesy of

Retailer: Sephora (SOLD OUT)


20 full-size Studded Kiss Lipsticks in both classic faves and exclusive colors (I think). I love these lipsticks, but I don’t know if I really need a full-size black, sparkly lipstick or a full-size green lipstick. I’m just saying. It might be cheaper if I just bought the colors I wanted individually. Sorry to rain on your parade.

Urban Decay

Eyeshadow Vault

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.33.02 PMPhoto courtesy of

Price: $245
Retailer: Sephora


20 full-size eyeshadows. 10 are a mish mosh of their regular eyeshadows, and 10 are form their Moon Dust collection (read that are extra sparkly and NSFW). From what I see, none of these shadows is exclusive to the set, and can be bought individually. If it was a selection of their classic shades, I’d be all over this. But half of this set is the crazy, iridescent, sparkly shades. I don’t know about you, but my rave days are far behind me (probably because they never existed). I’d have nowhere to wear these, and they’d sit in a drawer for all of eternity. I’d rather blow my money on shadows I’d reasonably use.

Bite Beauty

Limited Lip Lab Release Creme Deluxe Lipstick Set

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.39.18 PMPhoto courtesy of

Retailer: Sephora


12 full-size Bite lipsticks in a creamy finish. It’s essentially the entire collection of Limited Lip Lab Release colors, which they’ve been unveiling one by one every month. What’s unclear is is any of these colors are new and exclusive to the set. Otherwise, why would you release this kit (which only die-hard Bite addicts would want) after they’ve probably already bought some (or ALL) of the colors as they were released? It makes no sense!


The Big Book of Sexy


Photo courtesy of

Price: $389
Retailer: Sephora


5 full-size masks, 4 full-size face cleansers, 2 dual-ended application brushes, 12 single-use eye treatment masks. This is a savings, if you were realistically ever planning to purchase 5 face masks. I mean, holy crap. That’s a lot of skin-loving product in there. Face washes, though? Honestly, I can live without fancy face wash. It goes down the drain and doesn’t spend enough time on your face to warrant spending big bucks on it. And don’t get me started on the BRUSHES to put your mask on. What as asinine waste of money. Just use your damn fingers. Lord almighty.

Yves Saint Laurent

Iconic Lip Wardrobe

Yves-Saint-Laurent-Iconic-Lip-WardrobePhoto courtesy of

Price: $250
Retailer: Sephora (SOLD OUT)


6 full-size lipsticks, 3 full-size liquid lipstick/gloss hybrids, 1 full-size lip gloss, 1 full-size tinted lip oil, 2 full-size lip liners. This is really good variety. The price isn’t bad for what you’re getting, too. Although, I doubt money is a factor when spending $250 on a set of lipstick.

Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Collector Snowglobe Gift Set

Retailer: Saks or Sephora


Cool part? You get one full-size Flowerbomb fragrance with standard construction, and 4 fancy and uniquely-decorated bottles of perfume. Bad part? Their all the same Flowerbomb fragrance. Um ok? I guess this is great if you douse yourself with the same perfume all day urrday. For $600, though? Hard pass.


Fresh Sugar Lip Kissing Vault

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.15.21 PMPhoto courtesy of

Price: $205
Retailer: Sephora (SOLD OUT – but coming back?)


12 full-size tinted lip balms. This is a pretty good deal if you love these lip balms. Since each are $22.50, you’re saving $65 in total. My problem is that these babies melt at the drop of a hat. So that would be my only caveat in purchasing this ginormous set.

So there you have it. Some of the most luxurious, wallet-emptying gift sets for the holidays. So clean up your drool, ladies, and start writing a letter to Santa. Let’s hope he’s got a big budget this year.

2 thoughts on “Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

    1. Haha. They are nuts. I’d love them if they were free, but I’d feel so guilty if I bought them and didn’t use every color. Plus, then I wouldn’t be able to buy any makeup for like 6 years!


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