REVIEW: Better (and cheaper) than GlamGlow

If you’re a girl with pore issues like myself you’ve probably already tried (and fell in love with) GlamGlow’s Super Mud Clearing Treatment. This stuff is great because it packs a load of effective ingredients to degunk your pores.

GlamGlow’s Super Mud (aka the one in the white jar) exfoliates with a slew of acids of both the BHA and AHA varieties, meaning it can get deep into pores to help eliminate blackheads, minimize the look of pores, and visibly brighten skin. Additionally, it has kaolin clay to absorb oil and a bunch of antioxidants to repair and prevent aging.

Instead of having to do three different masks to exfoliate, dry out acne, and youth-extending properties, this mask does it all in one! What could be the negative, right?

Well, it’s $69. Sixty-nine dollars for a 1.2-oz jar. In fact, if you look at the little, white jar, you’ll notice that it’s the SMALLEST jar of all the GlamGlow masks. GravityMud (which you might recognize as the silver face mask that was all over Instagram) is 1.4 oz., and all of the other masks are 1.7 oz! When you’re paying that much dough, o.7 extra ounces can be a lot.

Honestly, this price tag has kept me from purchasing. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for a comparable product that’s cheaper. Sadly, for years, I was unable to find something with similar ingredients. Alas, though, I was left without anything, waiting around until some company would create it.

That time has come, people. The brand I’d least suspect has created a GlamGlow dupe that is way more affordable!

Beauty 360, a CVS brand, has created a product called ‘Detoxifying Perfecting Black Facial Mask’. In fact, they have an entire line of products.


This baby not only has multiple acids of both the BHA and AHA variety (just like GlamGlow), but it also has kaolin clay and antioxidants (just like GlamGlow). Better yet, you get all of this for the bargain-basement price of $11.99 at any CVS. Not to mention, if you break out your CVS ExtraCare card, you can even wait to get it when you have a coupon. Even cheaper!

Can you tell I’m all about them ExtraBucks?

The only drawback (because anything this good has to have a drawback) is the feeling. This mask has peppermint and eucalyptus in it, so it has this instant “cooling” or tingling sensation. Frankly, I despise this feeling. It makes me feel like my face is on fire. No me gusta.

But, for less than 18% of the price of a GlamGlow mask, I’d put up with it ACTUALLY burning my face off.

And guess what, you get a 1.7-oz jar. Take THAT, GlamGlow!

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