Sephora’s Rewards Bazaar: An Analysis

If you happen to receive Sephora emails on the daily, you may/may not have received their most recent eBlast introducing their latest venture: the Sephora Rewards Bazaar. Every Tuesday and Thursday between 9am-5pm Sephora will be posting and updated new rewards online for you to digitally fight to the death with hundreds of thousands of other women, a la Black Friday sales at Walmart.

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 It’s nice to see Sephora stepping up its rewards game because I think everyone was, frankly, sick and tired of the sporadic rewards that popped up randomly with no notice. Not to mention, the rewards were shitty. If you hoarded your points, the most you could get was a 500-pt gift. Now, I worked there when they rolled out their very first 1,000-pt gift. That was cool, but it’s happened like twice. And DON’T EVEN get me started on the clusterfuck-shitshow hybrid that was Sephora’s super rewards day, where they refused to tell people when it started, the 1,000-10,000 point gifts sold out while you refreshed the page, and everyone was left angry and disappointed. If you don’t recall, check out the whole deets in my article “Sephora’s Epic Rewards, Epic Fail”.
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This Bazaar appears to also address the issue with the Sephora Epic Rewards. Instead of waiting around for the giant rewards to pop up every several years, now we can get them more regularly (I presume) through the Bazaar. There presence will be more clear and predictable. While I just got the email, and, by the time I logged into the site, all massive point gifts were Sold Out, at least they’re trying.
Sephora has also now written the NUMBER of available gifts for each item. This was a nice touch, so you know how fast you have to act, or aren’t AS disappointed when you don’t end up getting that gift that had only one in supply.
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So here’s to the ladies who are able to snag one of those rare gifts, and props to the women who have enough points to redeem the 25,000-point rewards. #ThatRestraintTho. Godspeed.
We’ll see how the Bazaar fares in the long run. TBD, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Sephora’s Rewards Bazaar: An Analysis

  1. So funny, I was just browsing their bazaar since I am sitting on 2,500 points and thought there might be a perk I could redeem for. But omg, they have a 25,000 point reward?! WHO HAS THIS MANY POINTS?!! How much money would one need to spend to achieve that level? It’s utterly insane.

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    1. Yeah, they have crazy gifts now! It’s nice to have options if you don’t like to use your points for small stuff. I know I’ve racked up a lot because I just don’t often like the available gifts.


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