Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

By now, most of us know that charcoal is renowned for its ability to suck up impurities. It’s in face masks, moisturizers, and even makeup. The porous “magnetic” like qualities of charcoal allow it to suck up oxidative agents on the skin’s surface, such as those from pollution. Oxidative agents are essentially chemicals that cause unwanted chemical reactions on the skin that can lead to the breakdown of collagen and other harmful consequences that can result in wrinkles, sun spots, and overall nasty-ass skin!

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What we also know is that all of us are delinquent in cleaning our makeup brushes. We’ve used them, abused them, and let them sit unwashed for weeks. We leave them in their cute, little Diptyque glasses that look all chic, when we damn well now those once-soft bristles are stuff, gunky, and covered in more powder than Pacino himself.


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Since we’re not likely to change our habits anytime soon, the very least we can do is buy brushes that help minimize the ick-factor. Sephora has some antibacterial brushes, but those things are mighty pricey (especially for Sephora brand. Like, calm down, Sephora). Chances are you probably have at least a brush or two from Earth Therapeutics in your Anthropologie, monogrammed mug. You probably got it from a friend, family member, or during your “I’m just going to get some batteries from Target” shopping trip.

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They’re not MAC or Sigma, right? So you probably demoted them in your brush lineup. Ladies, brushes CAN be cheap and effective. I’ve used brushes ranging in price from random pocket change to consider if I really need food that month, and I can tell you that price does not correspond to quality! You need to try brushes out to know if they’re legit or not. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Earth Therapeutics has a charcoal-infused line of brushes that will help minimize pollutant build-up on your brushes and, thus your skin. I live in NYC, and I can tell you that this is ESSENTIAL! My face is bombarded with taxi exhaust, stale subway air, and recycled office oxygen. That wreaks havoc on your skin.

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This kit not only comes with its own carrying case that holds the brushes in place and prevents bent bristles, but the actual selection of brushes is an AWESOME variety. You get a 1) stippling brush for foundation, 2) tapered fluffy brush for powder, blush, bronzer or contour powder, 3) blending eyeshadow brush for you rcrease, 4) flat eyeshadow brush (or it can be used for concealer, since it’s synthetic bristles!), and 5) an angled brush for eyeliner or filling in those brows. This is why I love synthetic hair for makeup brushes. It’s animal-friendly and can be used for powder or liquid pretty seamlessly. It’s almost like two in one!

Also, I’m way too busy to wash my brushes every five minutes. I have levels of Candy Crush to attend to. So these brushes are a lifesaver. Mitigating the effects of free radicals on my makeup tools, while making me feel less guilty for not washing my brushes as much as I should? Now that’s worth even more money than they’re charging for these babies.

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