The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

While we might be in the throws of winter, we all know that sunscreen is STILL a must. The sun’s rays might not burn you like they can in the summer, but they still cause skin damage that can lead to dry, unhealthy skin and even cancer. Don’t slowly evolve into a leather handbag and then have to spend thousands on cosmetic and dermatological procedures, … Continue reading The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

The Language of Ingredient Lists

Allergies and sensitive skin can make it feel like it’s you against the beauty world. Even products you once used to use can turn into tiny, jarred demons that wreak havoc on your face. No bueno. Seeing my sister develop an allergy to tea tree oil (not to mention already suffering from cystic acne. She really drew the short straw), has shown me just how … Continue reading The Language of Ingredient Lists

Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

Preservative has become a dirty word. The compounds that were once added to manufactured goods so they could last longer on the shelf and in your home have become an invasive species that we want eliminated entirely. Good, bad, or neutral. Brands have already begun popping up, touting their preservative-free lines. The problem is, a preservative-free beauty routine might not be entirely possible. Nuori is … Continue reading Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

REVIEW: ‘SkinClinical’ Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin?

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, or sensitized skin (there is a difference), you now how precarious shopping for skincare can be. Not only do you risk irritating your already irritated skin, but the products that claim to ameliorate those issues might not do a whole helluva lot. Don’t worry, Wednesday, there might be a new solution! There’s a new brand in town: … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘SkinClinical’ Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin?

Men & Makeup: Beauty Shouldn’t Be Gender-Specific

When you think “beauty”, you probably think “female”. Like most people out there, you tend to associate makeup with women. Perhaps if you’re from South Korea, however, you’d know that this is definitely not the case. This fascinating article from The Economist details the Korean man’s journey into the world of beauty, and how it wasn’t necessarily seen as a “feminine” move for men to … Continue reading Men & Makeup: Beauty Shouldn’t Be Gender-Specific

Essences: A Skincare FYI

Essence. Traditionally, that word is meant to describe the spirit or intrinsic nature of something. An essential quality, if you will. Now that Korean skincare has hit the U.S., “essence” has taken on a different meaning. An essence in the skincare realm, is actually a product. It’s a highly watery substance that you put on your face with your fingers (not an easy task) after … Continue reading Essences: A Skincare FYI

Birchbox’s Big Makeup Line is Tiny

While many of us love buying beauty products, we DON’T love shelling out boatloads of cash for a product we’ll either A) Never finish, or B) Are forced to wear every single day for 8 months until we have. This makes makeup not fun, and it makes us not inclined to try new products. Ya, stores have great return policies, but what if I like … Continue reading Birchbox’s Big Makeup Line is Tiny

Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Using Face Scrubs First, I will say that those with ONLY blackheads can use a scrub or physical exfoliant and be all right (although you should go easy!). Those of you with whiteheads, however, should stay far away from scrubs. Your whiteheads are tiny little surface infections, and you don’t want harsh grit tugging and tearing at this inflamed, sensitive skin. Sorry, but you’re going … Continue reading Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

“Guys don’t passes at girls who wear glasses.” – Dorothy Parker Ms. Parker’s pithy rhyme might have been true in her days, but a lot has changed since then. No longer are glasses a sign of eternal dorkdom. Glasses are now an extension by which women and men can express their personal style. Thick, horn-rimmed, hipster specs. Sleek, stainless-steel frames. The world is your 20:20 … Continue reading Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Decoding Beauty Names

With cosmetic companies trying to be innovative and different, you might have found that there are a slew of product names our there. It can get pretty confusing. “Wait, doesn’t that do that same thing? Then why does it have a different name?” Don’t be afraid to try something just because its title might be a little different that you may have been expecting, but … Continue reading Decoding Beauty Names