Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

By now, most of us know that charcoal is renowned for its ability to suck up impurities. It’s in face masks, moisturizers, and even makeup. The porous “magnetic” like qualities of charcoal allow it to suck up oxidative agents on the skin’s surface, such as those from pollution. Oxidative agents are essentially chemicals that cause unwanted chemical reactions on the skin that can lead to … Continue reading Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

The Basics of Treating Acne

Ah acne. The bane of our existence. Even if you miraculously avoided it in high school, it can rear its ugly head and develop it later on in life. What fun. While it’s embarrassing in our youth, it’s expected. What’s not expected is to see a fully-grown adult plastered with pimples and pockmarks. Whether you’ve been battling this since you were wearing choker necklaces and … Continue reading The Basics of Treating Acne