Cystic Acne Smasher

At first, I thought I was lucky. I was fortunate enough to go through all of my formative years sans acne. Yep. Aside from the occasional volcanic eruption on my face (and my naturally large pores), I was pretty clear-faced. Fast forward to 23. All of a sudden, deep, painful bumps started planting themselves all over my face. Not just my face either. I had them … Continue reading Cystic Acne Smasher

The Basics of Treating Acne

Ah acne. The bane of our existence. Even if you miraculously avoided it in high school, it can rear its ugly head and develop it later on in life. What fun. While it’s embarrassing in our youth, it’s expected. What’s not expected is to see a fully-grown adult plastered with pimples and pockmarks. Whether you’ve been battling this since you were wearing choker necklaces and … Continue reading The Basics of Treating Acne

I am a NUDE-ist: Nude Skincare’s Miracle Mask

Exfoliation is the word on everyone’s lips. It whisks away dead skin cells, clears up acne, softens skin, and brightens dulls complexions. As a result, we’ve turned into an exfoliation nation. There are more products on the market than you can shake a stick at (weirdest idiom ever). Well, I’m here to offer my humble opinion on a product and a brand that I am … Continue reading I am a NUDE-ist: Nude Skincare’s Miracle Mask

Mechanical vs. Chemical Exfoliation

Exfoliation is such a buzzword in skincare now, and there are a ton of options out there. Just because there are a billion out there it doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Some are better than others with regard to skin type, concern, desire, and personal preference. Mechanical Exfoliation: Mechanical (or physical) exfoliation involves tiny granules, like sugar, coffee, etc. that literally scrub away … Continue reading Mechanical vs. Chemical Exfoliation

A Complete Guide to A Complete Skincare Regimen (All Steps not Required!)

Skincare Routine 1) Double Cleanse: First Cleanse You might be thinking, wait, first? I have to cleanse more than once? Frankly, yes. Yes you do. This is the concept of Double Cleansing, which you may or may not have heard of. Double cleansing is a way of cleansing your face twice to ensure that all dirt, oil, and makeup have been removed. It’s not just … Continue reading A Complete Guide to A Complete Skincare Regimen (All Steps not Required!)