Franken-care: How to Care for Skin in Between Seasons

Summer months mean more clay masks, light lotions, and more diligent sunscreen application; while winter means heavier creams, moisture sheet masks, and lots of Chapstick. But what about the in-between? The transition time? The je ne sais quoi period between summer and fall, fall and winter, etc etc etc. Each day is a fresh hell of nonsensical weather that makes you regret wearing that face … Continue reading Franken-care: How to Care for Skin in Between Seasons

Hydration for Hibernation Weather

Perhaps you already feel the bitter cold of winter wind, or maybe you’re just preparing for when it does come. Don’t let the biting cold and heating units dry out and aggravate your skin. You need to alter your skincare routine to adjust to these changing conditions in the weather. Switch to more creamy, hydrating formulas. Even if you’re breakout prone, you need to introduce … Continue reading Hydration for Hibernation Weather