Prevent Old Lady Hands with this Gentle Soap

So when this product first came across my desk (and by desk, I mean mailbox with a slightly broken lock that I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach), I never thought I’d be writing a blog post about it. I mean, it’s hand soap, people. How sexy is hand soap? Hint: it’s not. It cleans germy subway gunk off your hands. You … Continue reading Prevent Old Lady Hands with this Gentle Soap

Golden Door: Gilded Mask of Champions

Spas might be great, but most of us don’t have the time to visit them on the regs. Who am I, Christina Aguilera? This diva has shit to do, people. I recently went to a spa, and, while I enjoyed the experience, I found my Type-A side wanting to take over. What is that? Why are you putting it there? What was that sound? I … Continue reading Golden Door: Gilded Mask of Champions

Sun Bum: Your Sunscreen Savior

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sunscreen fiend. I have fair skin and melanoma runs in my family, so I’m always applying, applying, applying! In addition to applying, I’m always SEARCHING. Yep, it feels pretty much like that. I prefer to use a sunscreen that has a mix of physical (mineral) as well as chemical sunblocks, because my research has shown that that … Continue reading Sun Bum: Your Sunscreen Savior

Undercover Skincare

When you think CIA, you think spies, code words, and hidden signals. What you probably don’t think of is… skincare. The beauty brand Skincential Sciences developed a skin treatment, called Clearista, that aims to soften skin, minimize dark spots, and eliminate wrinkles. So why would the venture capital part of the CIA, called In-Q-tel, want to fund Clearista? Do all those hours at the computer doing special … Continue reading Undercover Skincare

Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

Preservative has become a dirty word. The compounds that were once added to manufactured goods so they could last longer on the shelf and in your home have become an invasive species that we want eliminated entirely. Good, bad, or neutral. Brands have already begun popping up, touting their preservative-free lines. The problem is, a preservative-free beauty routine might not be entirely possible. Nuori is … Continue reading Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

The Basics of Treating Acne

Ah acne. The bane of our existence. Even if you miraculously avoided it in high school, it can rear its ugly head and develop it later on in life. What fun. While it’s embarrassing in our youth, it’s expected. What’s not expected is to see a fully-grown adult plastered with pimples and pockmarks. Whether you’ve been battling this since you were wearing choker necklaces and … Continue reading The Basics of Treating Acne

Coconut Oil: A How-To Guide

I’m sure you’re well aware of all the articles, celebs, and style gurus gushing about the wonders of coconut oil. They’re all ranting and raving. What I noticed, however, was no one is explaining exactly HOW to use this “holy grail” of beauty products. I ran into a few roadblocks on my path towards coconut heaven, and I wanted to share those with you! gif … Continue reading Coconut Oil: A How-To Guide

I am a NUDE-ist: Nude Skincare’s Miracle Mask

Exfoliation is the word on everyone’s lips. It whisks away dead skin cells, clears up acne, softens skin, and brightens dulls complexions. As a result, we’ve turned into an exfoliation nation. There are more products on the market than you can shake a stick at (weirdest idiom ever). Well, I’m here to offer my humble opinion on a product and a brand that I am … Continue reading I am a NUDE-ist: Nude Skincare’s Miracle Mask

REVIEW: A Savior for Dry Skin, Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream

Every time winter rolls around and rears its ugly head, we begin to talk about dry, flaky skin. How to prevent it. How to treat it. Best product recommendations. Etcetera. Now, I normally have combination skin with one pretty oily T-zone. Recently, however, whether it’s due to the dry air in my apartment (I need a humidifier, I know) or potentially over exfoliation on my … Continue reading REVIEW: A Savior for Dry Skin, Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream

How to Get Foundation to Stick on Oily Skin

Listen up, oily-skinned ladies. Can you not wear foundation, because it cakes up as your oil seeps out of your skin throughout the day? Has no foundation, primer, or combination of both been able to keep the grease-beast under control? I know this was me for years, and I worked in beauty! I’ve got your solution, and it’s something I guarantee you have already. Blotting … Continue reading How to Get Foundation to Stick on Oily Skin