Where the mineral SPF lip balms at?

It’s that time of year again, folks. The sun’s out, and so are we. After sheltering in place for months, we’re all craving some summer sunshine. Even me, the woman whose pale, pale skin really makes me question my Greek heritage. We all know to wear sunscreen. Duh. I’ve spent how many thousands of words waxing and waning about the various types of sunscreens (1, … Continue reading Where the mineral SPF lip balms at?

Sun Bum: Your Sunscreen Savior

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sunscreen fiend. I have fair skin and melanoma runs in my family, so I’m always applying, applying, applying! In addition to applying, I’m always SEARCHING. Yep, it feels pretty much like that. I prefer to use a sunscreen that has a mix of physical (mineral) as well as chemical sunblocks, because my research has shown that that … Continue reading Sun Bum: Your Sunscreen Savior

The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

While we might be in the throws of winter, we all know that sunscreen is STILL a must. The sun’s rays might not burn you like they can in the summer, but they still cause skin damage that can lead to dry, unhealthy skin and even cancer. Don’t slowly evolve into a leather handbag and then have to spend thousands on cosmetic and dermatological procedures, … Continue reading The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

Beauty Picks for Spring ’15

Spring is in the air… or we hope it will be soon anyway. To kick off season and prepare us for all the makeup and skincare needs we’ll have for the hot summer months, brands are rolling out their newest products. Here are a few special ones I can’t wait to get my hands on! Drunk Elephant Skincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense Sunscreen Photo courtesy … Continue reading Beauty Picks for Spring ’15

Chemical versus Physical Sunscreens: What Everyone Should Know

We all know that we’re supposed to wear sunscreen on all exposed parts of our face and body every single day, sunny or cloudy, to ward off damage that can lead to aging. I bet you didn’t know, however, that there are two types of sunscreens out there (I know I didn’t!): chemical and physical. Chemical Sunscreens (some but not all): – Avobenzone – Octinoxate … Continue reading Chemical versus Physical Sunscreens: What Everyone Should Know