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Retinol vs Retinoid: A Love Story

If you’ve even glanced in the direction of a dermatologist, chances are that they’d recommend you use retinol. It’s their ‘desert-island’ product. It helps with skin texture, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration. You name it, and retinol can fix it. But what KIND of retinol should you be using? What’s the difference between the over-the-counter retinol products and the prescription stuff? Is prescription always … Continue reading Retinol vs Retinoid: A Love Story

Where the mineral SPF lip balms at?

It’s that time of year again, folks. The sun’s out, and so are we. After sheltering in place for months, we’re all craving some summer sunshine. Even me, the woman whose pale, pale skin really makes me question my Greek heritage. We all know to wear sunscreen. Duh. I’ve spent how many thousands of words waxing and waning about the various types of sunscreens (1, … Continue reading Where the mineral SPF lip balms at?

Let’s get radical… free radical

Free radicals. One of the biggest buzzwords in skincare since I can remember. Beauty editors, salespeople, and estheticians alike have told us to protect our skin from these reviled entities as if they’re Bathsheba from The Conjuring. Vera, I told you, they’re called free radicals. Given my background in science (B.S. in Neuroscience and former pre-med’er), I felt that I wanted to demystify these babies … Continue reading Let’s get radical… free radical

Send me nudes (lipstick that is)

Sorry I’ve been MIA while getting my MBA. For all of those who have worked full time and gone to school at night, it leaves little time for much else. I’ve graduated, am full of caffeine, and ready to blow your minds with more beauty goodness!! While bold lips are gorgeous and so much fun, I’ve got to be honest…. I get sick and tired … Continue reading Send me nudes (lipstick that is)

Bite Beauty’s Liquified Lipstick

Liquid lipstick has become synonymous with matte lips, but that’s not necessarily the finish it alway has. ‘Liquid lipstick’ just means the formula comes in a liquid, instead of a bullet. It can be glossy, satin, matte, what have you. As many of us are already aware, matte liquid lipsticks look fly, but leave your lips dry. *I totally didn’t mean to rhyme there, but … Continue reading Bite Beauty’s Liquified Lipstick

Beyond Mascara: The Lash Lift

There’s a reason everyone makeup artist says their desert-island product is mascara. Lengthening, thickening, and darkening the lashes brightens your eyes like nothing else. It’s the one product that has the most drastic and immediate effect. While everyone’s on the prowl for the best mascara, I realized that no mascara could cure my particular woes. My eyelashes are un-curlable. Every day I would hold that lash … Continue reading Beyond Mascara: The Lash Lift

Cystic Acne Smasher

At first, I thought I was lucky. I was fortunate enough to go through all of my formative years sans acne. Yep. Aside from the occasional volcanic eruption on my face (and my naturally large pores), I was pretty clear-faced. Fast forward to 23. All of a sudden, deep, painful bumps started planting themselves all over my face. Not just my face either. I had them … Continue reading Cystic Acne Smasher

Embrace the Brown: Our Collective Eyeliner Problem

One of my biggest pet peeves is everyone and their brother using black and ONLY black eyeliner. Even the fairest, blondest, most pale ladies and gents are rimming their peepers with soot-colored liner, and they end up looking like an emo Legolas. Bitches, we need to stop. Black is a great color. I live in NYC, and it’s obligatory for a city dweller’s wardrobe; but … Continue reading Embrace the Brown: Our Collective Eyeliner Problem

Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

By now, most of us know that charcoal is renowned for its ability to suck up impurities. It’s in face masks, moisturizers, and even makeup. The porous “magnetic” like qualities of charcoal allow it to suck up oxidative agents on the skin’s surface, such as those from pollution. Oxidative agents are essentially chemicals that cause unwanted chemical reactions on the skin that can lead to … Continue reading Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

Prevent Old Lady Hands with this Gentle Soap

So when this product first came across my desk (and by desk, I mean mailbox with a slightly broken lock that I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach), I never thought I’d be writing a blog post about it. I mean, it’s hand soap, people. How sexy is hand soap? Hint: it’s not. It cleans germy subway gunk off your hands. You … Continue reading Prevent Old Lady Hands with this Gentle Soap